A Guide To Spring-Summer 2011 Fashion For Women’s Shoes

A Guide To Spring-Summer 2011 Fashion For Women’s Shoes

Article by Jamie Simpson


Trends in women’s shoes for spring and summer 2011 are calling for slim, sleek and tall designs, with superstars from Cheryl Cole to Katy Perry parading about in super-thin high heels.

One of the sexiest women’s shoes adorning starlets everywhere right now are black patent pumps, which are shiny and feature 4 1/2″ heels in addition to a sleek, pointy design and brightly coloured outsoles. The hourglass curves of actress Connie Britton and socialite Kim Kardashian have been seen standing tall on these shiny stunners. Perfect pumps for a cocktail party.

Another hot item in women’s shoes for 2011 is the flat sole 4 1/2″ stiletto pump, which has clearly been designed with statuesque legs in mind. Pop star Katy Perry and actress Ashley Greene are just two of the starlets recently seen rocking flat sole stilettos. These pumps make for a super sexy finishing touch to a HervĂ© dress and Wolfords hosiery ensemble. They can be found in an array of bright colours, and also in neutral colours which make for the perfect office pump when paired with nude or tan hosiery and a light coloured skirt suit.

A retro twist in women’s shoes for 2011 is served in the decorative 4 1/2″ patent pumps which come adorned with bows or decoration at the upper heel. These are the perfect shoes for women aspiring to the vintage looks of burlesque diva Dita Von Teese and soul/pop singer Duffy. Pumps with bows are often made with rubber outsoles for exceptional comfort.

For people looking for something more classic in women’s shoes this season, the delectably dainty ’50s/’80s pumps currently making the rounds are the perfect choice. Classic pumps have sharply pointed toes and 4″ heels, and feature a sleek cut optimal for toe cleavage. Forget about all the clunky footwear clogging the nightclubs; these classic pumps are distinguished with a practical and sexy flat-sole design that men will admire. Classic pumps are usually found in blue, black, red, white and sand colours, and they often feature light beige outsoles. They are fantastic pumps for skirt suits and cocktail dresses.

Another classic looking stunner in 2011 women’s shoes are 3 1/2″ leather sling-back pumps, which are thin, shiny and super pointy. Classic sling-backs are often found in both solid black and black/ivory two-tone. These pumps evoke a classic form of feminine grace that has made a huge comeback recently through programmes like Mad Men.

Of all the hot looks in women’s shoes for 2011, the most shimmering would undoubtedly be the gold and silver pumps that are making the rounds. These super sexy 4 1/2″ pumps feature a classic design of pointy toes and thin soles. The metallic tones come in both regular and sequined varieties. Shiny pumps are the ultimate accessory for those cocktail dress and hosiery combinations that men love. This shiny design can be found in a host of colours, and are the perfect style for modern women who double as office divas by day and party girls by night.

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