Summer Party Dresses: Cocktaildressshop. com

Summer Party Dresses: Cocktaildressshop. com

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Summer is a time for you to be relaxed and carefree, and the best way to portray this attitude is by the way you dress this summer. The basic idea is to look trendy, yet be comfortable in your skin. The great thing about summer fashion is that you can wear just exactly what you like, and call it summer fashion. It is time for bright colors, and bold prints that you were shying away from all along. Even men have the option to choose from lighter fabrics and colors so that they can enjoy the summer as much as us women do. Here we talk about summer party dresses for women, and the ideal summer party attire for men.

Summer Party Dresses for Women

When it comes to summer party dresses for women, the options are just unlimited. The prints, the patterns, the colors, the fabrics, and the styles are endless. However, choosing the right dress for your body type, and your personality is what matters. Furthermore, the type of event (semi-formal or formal) you are choosing the outfit for also impacts the kind of outfit you choose. Here, we give you a few tips on choosing the right summer party dresses for you.

A summer event in the morning is the perfect time to bring out those bold prints, bright colors, short hemlines, and deep necks. Choose from a strapless dress, or one that is off-shoulder. Ensure that your arms are well-toned so that you can show them off in these beautiful outfits. If you have a great summer tan to show off, there’s nothing like it. When it comes to the hemline, the higher the better. On the other hand, you may also choose from a long-flowing maxi, with bold floral or retro prints and bright colors, for a morning event such as a garden party or a summer barbecue. Thin shoulder straps, deep necklines, and the empire cut, are the order of the day and make for cute summer party dresses. Halter necklines and backless dresses are also great for such events. Choose a maxi with a slit; it’s sexy and elegant at the same time. If it is summer wedding party dresses you are looking for then keep this in mind. If it is a morning summer wedding, you can choose from solid, pastel colors such as a light blue, pink, yellow, and peach. These colors speak summer through and through. You can also pick a dress in a pastel color with a mild floral print on it. Remember to keep your summer makeup light, as well as sport minimal accessories at a summer wedding. For a summer wedding under the moonlight, pick a long, flowing maxi in a solid color. A backless dress with a deep neckline, or a strapless dress, is perfect for such an occasion. Here, wearing a solid color is ideal. A darker blue, purple, or green are the perfect cool colors to sport on summer evenings, and still look hot. If it is a summer cocktail party, a shimmering little dress, with a hemline that is as high as you are comfortable with, will suit the occasion well. Another option is to wear a dress with gathered lace, or a pleated evening dress. Though black is eternally beautiful, try to avoid it this summer. Choose from an array of other summer colors, such as shocking pink, and though it may hurt, ditch the little black dress this season. Keep in mind that though summer is all about bold prints and patterns, solid colors make a whole world of a difference when it comes to a formal event. For a semi-formal event, you can opt for those bold prints. Remember to accessorize well. Your shoes should complete your entire outfit, and not stand out and ruin your look. Also, don’t overdo the jewelry. A simple pair of earrings, along with a stylish bracelet will speak for themselves. Women’s summer hats add the perfect jazz to the summer fashion and trends.

Summer Party Attire for Men

If you think men don’t have much to choose from when dressing for a summer party, you’ve got it all wrong. The combinations that you can come up with are wondrous, and you will be amazed at the different types of looks you can sport from the trendy summer men’s fashion.

This summer, it’s time to ditch the heavy fabrics that weigh you down for a formal event. If you are attending a morning event such as a garden party, opt for linen pants or cotton pants, paired with a light, solid-colored, button-down shirt. Depending on the formality of the event, t-shirts paired with flat fronted chinos are also a great option. Choose from long-sleeved lightweight shirts, rather than the short ones. Long sleeves can be rolled up for a more informal and youthful look, and rolled down when you need a more formal look. They give you more variety than the short-sleeved shirts. Printed shirts are not for everyone, though they look great on certain occasions. So if you are unsure about it your safest bet is a solid-colored shirt available in different summer colors. Accessorize with hats, and with scarves such as the Arab men’s neck scarves when you are dressed for a semi-formal event. Paired with your overall outfit, it gives the right blend of formality and informality. For shoes, try out laced shoes this summer and leave the flip-flops for the beach. For a summer wedding, depending on the time of the day, opt for a linen suit rather than a heavy silk suit. It looks formal, elegant and is still summery. Choose from morning colors like beige, or a light blue. Keep the inner wear to a lightweight white cuffed shirt. If you don’t wish to wear a tie, opt for a silk neck scarf that will complement your overall outfit. Keep the shoes formal by choosing to wear shining, leather shoes. If it is an evening wedding, keep the fabrics similar, and go for darker colors such as a dark blue, or a dark green. Even burgundy suits are very trendy for men. These suits can be paired up with lighter colored variants of shirts, of the original suit colors. For a more formal evening event, a suit is your best bet. As far as possible, keep the suit light, and stick to the traditional colors if you are unsure about the kind of event it is. As mentioned before, switch the tie for a trendy neck scarf if possible; it looks as classy.

Remember, the whole idea about summer party dresses and attire this season, is to look bold with flashy colors and patterns, yet appear stylish and most importantly, be comfortable. Similar is the case when it comes to summer party attire for men. It should be elegant, yet light, and airy so that you yourself are comfortable, and so are others who look at you. Dress well this summer and make the most of the summer heat, by wearing as less and light as possible.

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