Big Celebrities Who Use Contacts

Plenty of people wear contact lenses to see. Vision is a crucial part of your daily life, whether you immediately realize it or not. Going for a walk down the street, typing up a message to send to your friend, and driving to a restaurant are all tasks that seem simple enough but require sharp vision to do effectively.

Bad vision can impact nearly anyone but modern technology has made that a general problem of the past. Just like how you may wear eyeglasses to help you see daily, many different celebrities also use some sort of vision correction.

Will Smith

The musician, actor, and philanthropist has entertained several people over the years. From huge blockbuster movie hits to engaging online content, it seems like Will Smith does it all. Will Smith has been photographed wearing eyeglasses but the star prefers to wear contact lens. Contacts are much less distracting and allow the entertainer to move around freely. This kind of freedom is crucial when you are playing a specific character or have a role that requires a lot of movement.


Rihanna, the pop star and style icon, is another big celebrity who wears contact lenses. and other places offer a variety of different lenses. Contact lenses are useful because once they are on, she simply does not have to think about them. There is no need to adjust the lenses, clean them, or pack a carrying case for the day. This can be very beneficial to someone who has an active lifestyle.