How You May Be Damaging Your Contact Lenses

You may not realize just how crucial your physical health is until it becomes impaired. When you catch the cold during the winter, for example, simple things you usually think very little about, such as breathing through your nose, suddenly become more difficult. There are a number of factors that can contribute to weakened vision, like genetics or heavy screen usage, but modern technology has made this a health condition that can easily be addressed.

If you wear contacts on a regular basis you may not be aware of some small ways you may actually be damaging your lenses.

Rubbing Your Eyes

If you are new to wearing contact lenses you may be going through a period where your body is trying to adjust and get used to having thin films in contact with your eyes. Depending on your body you may notice that your eyes are slightly sensitive. Whether you have dry eyes or they simply feel itchy, your immediate instinct may be to rub them to ease the pain. Doing so may provide short-term relief but the pressure of rubbing could potentially scratch the biofinity energys, effectively reducing their effectiveness.

Extended Use

Glasses and contact lenses are designed to be used for extended periods of time but contact lenses from places like, unlike standard prescription eyeglasses, should only be worn for so long before they need to be removed. Throughout the day the lenses could get dirty from proteins in the eyes and particles found in the air. Place them in fresh contact solution daily to give them a solid clean.