What Are Extended Use Contact Lenses?

Summary: There are rare cases where contact lenses can be worn without being taken off for a long period of time.

Extended wear contact lenses are a specialized type of contacts that are perfect for those looking for something that’s both cost-effective and long-lasting.

These contact lenses are meant for two separate wearing schedules: daily and extended use. This guide is designed to break down each type of use so you can decide whether they meet your personal preferences.

Extended Use

Extended use contact lenses are designed to be thinner than the daily version. Created from silicone hydrogel, this helps allow for more airflow into the lens, promoting breathability – similar to Bausch and Long contacts. This ensures your eyes get enough oxygen it needs to stay healthy. This is especially important when your contact lenses are worn throughout the entire day or for extended periods.

Many extended use contact lenses are approved for seven days of wear and longer. Be sure not to wear them longer than the advised dates as your eyes may dry out, causing discomfort and irritation.

Are There Risks Involved with These Contacts?

Before new contact lens technology appeared, older models were not favored by optometrists due to the many risks that these contacts came with. However, with new types of lens materials being adopted, practitioners have changed their stance and these lenses are now being circulated throughout the world. Suppliers like Lens.com for example carry a number of extended use contact lenses that are designed to be worn overnight – although you may want to consult with your eye doctor before sleeping with the lenses in.