Four style mistakes that are downgrading your outfit

Improving your style can be a list of countless things, however, most people make small mistakes that can bring down any outfit. Here are four style mistakes that are often overlooked.

Wrinkles – However nice your top is, if it is full of wrinkles it will look like you just pulled it out of the dryer. It is best to iron all your clothes at the start of the week to make sure that you’re not rushing out the door in wearing a crushed outfit. For those who hate ironing, invest in a handheld steamer that will get the job done in minutes.

Too much matching – Matching every item of your outfit is a dated way to dress. It also means that you have no creativity and find it hard to think out of the box. Instead, add mismatched pieces by changing the color of your shoes, bag, belt or jewelry.

Makeup stains – No matter how clean your clothes are if they have makeup stains they will look unclean. Check for makeup stains before you put your clothes in the wash. Look for stains like foundation or lipstick near the collars or necklines of your clothes. Invest in a Tide pen to bleach out the stains before you pop them in the wash.

Showing your bra straps – Showing your bra straps can cheapen an outfit, especially in a professional setting. Invest in a Bralette that will pull your straps and secure them from sneaking out.