New “It” Handbag for 2009

New “It” Handbag for 2009

Article by Natasha Leratti


The New “It” Handbags for 2009 Latest Fashion Accessories Trends for Spring – Summer 2009As we come through the winter blahs and look forward to spring, one of the first pick-me-ups I look for in my spring wardrobe is a new handbag. The Paris, New York, and Milan Spring Fashion Week included handbags with all the collections, and brought a wearable side to all the elegant clothes. A handbag brings an element of creative expression and pulls together an entire look. Many materials were present, most notably the exotic skins of ostrich, crocodile, and snake in brilliant colors. Bright colors will be the most popular: pinks, red, oranges, purples and yellows in all sizes, but the big bag still shines as a roomy favorite. Many feature chains and showy hardware. Smaller, more classic handbags were present, and clutches also provided a fresh look for any ensemble Regardless of the size of bag, many were shown clasped in the hand, not slung over the shoulder, for a more elegant look. While many designers were showing leather, others opted for textiles, such as linen or cotton fabrics to give a softer silhouette. Miu Miu offers a shredded cotton-linen pleated handbag, that is a clever play on casual. While many of these bags were in softer neutrals or black and white, elements of color were applied in other ways using long fringe, beading, and contrasting prints. Natural fibers continued with the use of hand knitted bags. The various stitches added new dimension with the textural elements, which included appliquéd flowers, sequins and beading, and metallic thread interwoven. These bags added an element of surprise to both daytime and evening looks. Being one of her signature styles, Miami based designer Natasha Leratti offers a plethora of knitted handbags looks to choose from at her Spring – Summer Fashion Accessories 2009 Collection. Some designers, such as Yves-Saint Laurent embellished his with pearls, crystal, and metallic accessories to add a shimmer and flash. The evening bags were often shown in the same color as the dress, but added an element of brightness and sophistication. Patent leathers, ruffles, and braiding were all found in lady-like creations. Shapes ranged from sleek and rounded to slouchy. Bags are favoring multiple pockets and holders inside to provide maximum storage for makeup, IPods, and Blackberries. With the strain on the economy, many designers are offering bags that can be used both daytime and evening – many offer removable embellishments that can be changed depending on look. The handbags of 2009 are meant to bring strength and elegance to the modern woman they are paired with. Luxury handbags continue to be a strong statement, and will accentuate a wardrobe for many years to come when purchased smartly. Expressing your personality with a quality handbag is sure to add confidence to your wardrobe.Check out the Latest Collection of Natasha Leratti’s Label handbags that express signature style and elegance.

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