Growing Your Hair Out the Right Way

Get stronger, healthier, longer hair by utilizing these tips that will have your hair past your shoulders in only a few months.

Regular Trimming

It’s totally true, yet most people seem to forget that the trick to growing hair out even more is by embracing regular trims to address split ends. By eliminating breakage with scheduled trims, your hair can become the focal point to showcase your best features. And the best thing about trimming is the volume, smoothness, and shine you acquire afterwards.

A Few Strokes Before Bed

Before you slumber at night, take a few moments to brush your hair and spread the natural oils that are already there for better hair health. Start right at the top of the scalp with a bristly brush and then brush downwards to move the oils throughout your scalp to keep it fully moisturized. This is the simplest solution to increase circulation around your scalp to promote hair health.

Scalp Protection

Hair growth begins at the root and if they are not healthy, growth will be an issue. This means it is necessary to treat your hair regularly with the healthiest ingredients possible for strong, beautiful hair. The best way to test hair strength is to measure its thickness from crown to tip. Strong hair should be the same thickness throughout.

86 the Heat

One of the biggest culprits to hair growth is damage by way of heating utensils. The moment you remove the hot comb, curling iron, et cetera, your hair will begin to recover and regrow. So stop over-styling your hair and if it is an absolute must to use heat, significantly decrease the temperate and use a heat protectant as often as possible to reduce the risk of damaging your follicles.

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